The NHS want you to have the best possible experience of care. The NHS Friends and Family Test is a way of gathering your feedback, so we can continually review our service.

It is based on one simple question:

"How likely are you to recommend our GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?"

Your feedback will help us learn more about what you think of your experience – what you like and what you think we could improve. Ultimately, you’re helping us to make changes that will ensure we can offer the best possible care.


Select year:
  • 83% Recommended
  • 5% Neither / don't know
  • 12% Not recommended
Year-month Extremely Likely Likely Neither Likely nor Unlikely Unlikely Extremely Unlikely Don't Know
Sep 2019 000200
Aug 2019 100110
Jul 2019 000000
Jun 2019 000210
May 2019 100010
Apr 2019 000120
Mar 2019 200020
Feb 2019 000000
Jan 2019 000000
Dec 2018 000000
Nov 2018 000000
Oct 2018 000000
Sep 2018 100000
Aug 2018 110000
Jul 2018 100000
Jun 2018 100000
May 2018 200000
Apr 2018 000010
Mar 2018 100000
Feb 2018 100000
Jan 2018 200020
Dec 2017 000010
Nov 2017 100000
Oct 2017 000000
Sep 2017 200110
Aug 2017 100010
Jul 2017 100000
Jun 2017 201001
May 2017 100000
Apr 2017 100000
Mar 2017 200010
Feb 2017 310000
Jan 2017 100010
Dec 2016 200000
Nov 2016 20120110
Oct 2016 601000
Sep 2016 1130000
Aug 2016 000000
Jul 2016 000000
Jun 2016 100000
May 2016 210000
Apr 2016 300020
Mar 2016 200000
Feb 2016 530100
Jan 2016 301010
Dec 2015 300002
Nov 2015 500000
Oct 2015 100000
Sep 2015 100000
Aug 2015 320010
Jul 2015 530000
Jun 2015 2472200
May 2015 110000
Apr 2015 841200
Mar 2015 202020
Feb 2015 17131110
Jan 2015 1521010
Dec 2014 53125111

Patient feedback

We asked the question:
What is the main reason for your answer to the question?

I have been with the Surgery for many years. Never disappointed.
Posted on: 06/09/2018

Doctor dealt with my problem there and then, was not dismissed until another time.
Posted on: 20/08/2018

Doctors always friendly and professional. Receptionists are mostly polite and can usually get appointments at preferred times.
Posted on: 14/08/2018

Both my elderly parents are registered at this Practice. They receive an excellent service and have an excellent Doctor.
Posted on: 24/07/2018

I've been with this surgery many years, they always try to meet my needs, the staff are amazing doing their best under lots of pressure, I would also like to praise the GPs working long hours. Thank you Bridge Road Surgery.
Posted on: 14/06/2018

Receptionist was brilliant and really cared. Thank you, had appointment on day and feel cared for.
Posted on: 31/05/2018

Very good advise.
Posted on: 21/05/2018

They are all so lovely here.
Posted on: 21/03/2018

I've been coming here for years, staff and doctors do a great job meeting my needs.
Posted on: 20/02/2018

Very caring surgery
Posted on: 06/01/2018

Once again I can not fault Bridge Road Surgery the staff are ways helpful and I would not consider going anywhere else.
Posted on: 04/01/2018

All of the staff at the surgery do their best to help, whatever the problem might be. The support and care we have received from the Nursing team, in particular, over very many weeks, has been outstanding. The Reception staff are friendly and understanding, although some patients need to accept that they can’t work miracles and magic up an appointment when there isn’t one available. All of the GP staff are wonderful.
Posted on: 18/11/2017

You can never get appointments and when you do the problems are never sorted.
Posted on: 21/09/2017

Always had good advice and treatment
Posted on: 20/09/2017

I have being with this practice for years and I have always found them top rate in every aspect. Helpful and caring and understanding. Couldn't find a better practice anywhere.
Posted on: 17/09/2017

I've been with this surgery a long time, I admire the staff for being patient, kind they always try to meet my needs.
Posted on: 15/08/2017

Very happy with the service offered by this surgery.
Posted on: 30/06/2017

Reception staff are helpful and doctors offer an excellent service
Posted on: 17/05/2017

No problems in my many years a patient. Thanks
Posted on: 02/03/2017

Excellent treatment and service
Posted on: 10/02/2017

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